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5 minsWelcome and Happy New Year!All
10 mins

Upcoming CampusNexus CRM (Talisma) Conference



CampusInsight - CampusManagement  Campus Management's (Talisma vendor) yearly conference in April 2018 

  • Jeff will be going to CampusInsight this year
  • User departments with professional development $ available may want to consider sending an employee
  • OIT CRM Team will send out information when registration opens
  • OIT CRM Team submitted a proposal for leading a breakout session
    • Session proposal topics include:
        • Tourman
        • using message framework to handle multiple events via a single campaign
10 minsBANTAL ProjectJeff

BANTAL (Banner to Talisma Data Review) Update

  • Objectives
    • data - bringing in additional fields
    • performance - speed up the import scripts
  • CRM Team Continuing Work
    • continuing to gather requirements and analyze data
    • currently working with Banner team to write the extracts
    • working on the import scripts
  • middle/end of January, imports will be in the DEV environment
5 minsServer MaintenanceJeff

Talisma Server Maintenance

  • SQL Server PatchInstall Will be installed on Jan 5th – small disruption in Services around 8PM8 PM
    • less than one minute disruption in service for SQL server patch
  • Patch Release (11.1.4) – Currently on 11.1.2 - Schedule (NONPROD - Jan 5th, PROD - Jan 19)
    • DEV - will be offline up to half a day on Jan 5th for 11.1.4 patch install
    • PROD - will be offline during our normal maintenance window on Friday evening (approx 8:00pm) for the patch install
  • Upgrade to 12.0/12.1
    • If we decide to install 12.0, PSU Upgrade to 12.0 will be Feb 2018/March 2018
      • Some bugs have been reported, so PSU has chosen to hold off for now
    • 12.1 release date has been moved to Spring 2018
10 minsSystem UpdatesJeff

Talisma System

  • Undelivered Emails – PDX Accounts Disabled (BAT-220)
    • Issue:
      • campaigns sent email to .pdx email accounts, which were no longer active accounts
    • Solution
      • Talsima Talisma - mark the email address as a hard bounce, undeliverable email should be routed to the target and not the service account
      • BANNER - mark lifetime accounts that are inactive and do not send campaign mailers to them
  • PostMaster Emails (Drupal Forms)
    • clean up script being developed currently
  • Interaction ID Placement
    • currently in testing
  • Campaign Dispatching (Volume per/hr) Increase
    • Increased from 10K total emails sent per hour to 25K per hour
10 MinsUpdate from Campus ManagementAllUpdate from CampusManagement
  • CM recently purchased Hobson's CRM
  • at Educause CM unveiled "Engaged" a new product, Engaged, on the MS cloud
  • CM is planning to launch the new product (Engaged) at the end of 2018
  • CampusManagement Campus Management is committed to enhance/support Talsima Talisma for 5 years, and minimum 3 years notice for sunsetting sun-setting the product
  • For PSU, no changes are planned at this time (at least 5 years)