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Corresponding Policy: See ‘Accounts Payable' policy.
Corresponding Forms: Special Handling
Process: Getting Some Helpful Tips on What to Look for When Approving an Invoice

When approving an invoice you should consider the below information:

  • Verify the document is an invoice (not a packing slip, work order, a statement, or email)
    • Billed to PSU
  • Verify the following invoice information matches in banner:
    • Invoice amount – if different add text explaining why
    • Invoice number – if different add text explaining why
    • Invoice date– if different add text explaining why
    • Remit Address– if different add text explaining why
      • Make sure that a “VP” address is used
    • Discount code (if applicable) assume net30(03) unless stated otherwise
    • If a credit memo, make sure it’s coded with “Y” and made ‘immediately payable’
      • Verify the original invoice was already processed in banner & is included in FOATEXT
      • Verify the VP address is the same as regular invoices to ensure the credit is used
    • If special handling is required, ensure the ‘grouping code’ is a ‘1’ instead of an ‘M’. If selecting ‘1’ Special Handling Form needs to be completed and sent to CAS
  • Verify the accounting information
    • Is the index code or funding correct?
    • Is the correct account code used for the product/service?
      • Is FOATEXT required?
  • Verify the commodity section adequately describes the purchased product/service
    • If not,  make sure there is FOATEXT to further explain what was purchased
  • If there is a contract needed make sure contract # is listed in text and the contract is fully executed
  • Verify the transaction date is backdated for month-end and year-end 
  • If there is a PO and/or general encumbrance, verify invoice is being paid as a regular pay invoice tied to the encumbering document. (If payment is final payment, make sure ‘final payment flag’ on invoice is flipped to ‘yes’)

If special handling is required, please ensure the special handling form is completed and attached.

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