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Question: Can we have an auto signature that shows up in all replies or do you always have to manually add a signature?


Question: How do you download and upload attachments?

Answer: Download is based on browser settings (such as auto-open). Upload is available on the email reply or new email WYSIWYG.

Question: Can you print an email?

Answer:  Printing is available in the thick client under File → Print.  Printing is not yet available in the Web Client.

Question: When a person is sending a brand new email to a student (not replying to an interaction, New → Message), how do you 'send and resolve'. It would be great to not have all outgoing emails showing up in open/pending interactions and having to take an additional step to resolve them.

Answer: At the bottom of the New Message window, set the Interaction State to Resolvedbefore pressing Send.  

Question:  When I select a student and click their email to open a new interaction window, I notice that email isn't coming from the workspace I have open (and not any of the teams I have access to either). For example, I am in the Residency workspace and I clicked an email address in a Residency interaction. It opened a new interaction, but it says it's coming from Admissions. I know how to change it to Residency, but is there a way to make it default to team of the workspace I have open?

Answer: Click the book icon and update the email address you are sending from.  Once you send the first message, the system will recognize that as your default address the next message you send.

Question:  Is there a way to "undo" an email or response that you have just sent? Google gives us 30 seconds to change our mind. Does Talisma have something like this?

Answer: Yes.  Messages stay in the Outbox for a defined time.  The default time is 10 minutes, but each team can choose their own default time.  During that default time, the user can go to the Outbox, via GoTo → Outbox and delete or pause the message.  See the Outbox document for more info.

Question:  Is there any way to auto-fill contacts like you can in gmail. For instance, when a person wants to CC or forward in gmail the entire PSU contact library autofills. In Talisma you have to type in the complete email and you have to remember it!!  Is there any sort of auto-fill option - even to autofill members within the team when you start typing their email?

Answer: At this time, there is not.  However, the CRM Team is working with the Unix Team to get this function to be available from within Talisma.

QuestionIf I wanted to create a campaign with contacts who are NOT in banner, would it be possible to manually upload email addresses? 

Answer: There is no current automated process to upload email addresses, and have Contacts created automatically.  Therefore, it is not possible to upload email addresses and send to them via campaign. 

For every email mailer that a campaign sends, it adds a Target to that campaign, and that Target is created from the Contact object data.  Therefore, in order for a campaign to send an email mailer out, it has to have a Contact in the system. with a valid email address, to create the Target from.  The Contact email address doesn't have to be in BANNER, but the Contact does have to exist in Talisma.  

If a users manually creates the Contacts in Talisma, by using File → New Contact for each new email address, targets can be added to a campaign based on those newly created contacts.  The creation of those new contacts with those email addresses needs to be done manually, by the end user.

Question: Is there a way to copy an already built campaign and then edit it?

Answer: You can use an existing campaign as the foundation for a new campaign by following these instructions:

  1. open the campaign that you want to copy
  2. use the menu item "File --> Create Using..."
  3. check the "Workflow" or "Mailing Lists" checkbox
  4. select your Team
  5. the Base Object is fixed, you cannot change it.  if you need a different Base Object, you will need to create the new campaign from scratch
  6. you will now have a new copy of the campaign, which will be titled "New Campaign"
  7. Save the campaign
  8. give the campaign a Name and Type
  9. click OK

Workspace Questions

Filter Questions

Question: When do I need to share the workspace with other workspace users?

Answer 1: Share out Column changes and Filters - When you add or remove columns or change their order, or add or remove or edit filters, you will need to share out those options with your workspace users.

Answer 2: Workspace framework changes are automatically shared - When you change framework of the workspace, such as adding tabs, they are automatically shared with all users of the workspace, then next time they log in.  No sharing is required for adding or deleting tabs or other workspace framework.

Question: How do I represent IS NOT NULL in the filters?

Answer: To represent IS NOT NULL, use IS NULL = No

Advanced Questions

Question: About how the conversation view works. When you're in "My" or "Team" interactions, the Conversation view shows the conversation like it should. But if you go to search for a contact and select the one you want, it doesn't display a conversation view for that contact, it only displays the last one viewed in the interactions tabs.

I understand why a conversation won't show for a contact that you've searched for. But is there a way for that pane to be blank when you're searching. It's pretty confusing to have the conversation from a whole different contact showing.

Answer: Unfortunately, no.  This a draw back of the Talisma Thick client (not clearing out the conversation pane when you are looking up a student), but it will be addressed in the web client.

Question: A contact had a duplicate ID that was consolidated a while back. Everything is correct in Banner, but Talisma is still using the bad ID for some campaigns, which is causing some issues. Why isn’t it working?

Answer: Cleaning stuff up in banner does not necessarily mean things are cleaned up in Talisma.  Some things have to be manually cleaned up in Talisma.  This can be done by deleting the bad record so that only the good record remains in Talisma.  The contact’s bad targets might also need to be removed from the campaigns.

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