Agenda - CRM PUG Meeting - 2018-5-3




  • Knowledge transfer - sharing challenges/solutions from OIT and between depts
  • Information dissemination - upcoming software updates and planned outages
  • Invitations - Upcoming training invitations and conference opportunities

Discussion items

5 minsRecent CRM/Talisma New Rollouts and Other Wins!Crystal

Recently Completed

  • OAA - Campaign Creation
  • IELP - Chat
  • Orientation - Pathways
  • RO - Residency Affidavit


  • SFS - Chat
  • CCJO - Recruits
10 MinsUpcoming Talisma TimelineJeff
  • Finish BANTAL (mid-end of May)
  • Refresh Non-Prod (DEV)
  • Upgrade Non-Prod v12.1 (DEV) (June)
  • Testing in Non-Prod (during summer)
  • Prod Upgrade v12.1 (before start of Fall Term)
10 MinsEngage Update (Microsoft Edge)Jeff
  • Engage Update From Campus Insight
  • Webinar Information
    • Thursday, May 17 | 11 AM ET for a demonstration of how this solution goes beyond CRM to provide the actionable insight and engagement tools your institution needs to drive student and institutional success.

CampusManagement Engage Backstory

  • CMC bought the Admissions portion of Hobsons 
  • CMC is building a relationship with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Engage (with Microsoft Dynamics) is the next form of the Talisma/Hobsons evolution
  • Engage will be released to new customers only in December 2018
  • PSU may decide to go forward with Engage, or may decided to move to a different CRM
  • Neither will be required for at least 5 years
5 MinsBANTAL UpdateJeff
5 MinsTalisma v12.1 installed in DEV in June-ishJeff

Major Highlights of Talisma v12.1

  • Dynamic Mailing list start and end date
  • Printing interactions from the web client
  • add/remove columns from the web client
  • updates to grid features to enable it to act like excel
  • History tab
  • Plus all the major upgrades from 12.0 such as:
    • conversation pane visible in the web client

Action items