Agenda - CRM PUG Meeting - 2018-10-4




  • Knowledge transfer - sharing challenges/solutions from OIT and between depts
  • Information dissemination - upcoming software updates and planned outages
  • Invitations - Upcoming training invitations and conference opportunities

Discussion Items

5 MinsTalisma CRM Team IntroductionCrystal

New Leadership

  • Ellen Weeks - Associate CIO
  • Shari Powell - Associate Director
  • James Karolyi - Team Manager
5 MinsDEVL/Non-Prod Refresh DateJeff

October 12, 2018

  • Non-prod will be offline for half day
  • Prod will not be affected
  • No new application version, just a data refresh, and auxiliary app refresh so all parts of Talsima are in sync
5 MinsChat about ChatCrystal

Standards Discussion

Decision: Chat Management Standards Section Addition as follows

Confirming Identity

Minimum Data Point Confirmation Required*

If a student provides PSU ID number

  • Verify First, Middle, Last Name
  • Verify DOB
  • (best practice is to also confirm current address and phone as well to ensure we have up to date information)

If a student does not have PSU ID number

  • Verify First, Middle, Last Name
  • Verify DOB
  • Confirm address(es) on file at PSU
  • Confirm a piece of academic information, such as:
    • Attendance history (when were you admitted, what was your last term of attendance)
    • Major (Field of Study)
    • A specific course taken during a previous term
    • Degree earned and year of graduation

*You may ask more questions if it is appropriate for your office.

Never ask for SSN or part of SSN in order to confirm identity. You may discuss SSN if it is part of the subject of the interaction (i.e. updating SSN for financial aid, enrollment reporting, or 1098s), but you may not use it for the purpose of identity verification under 2012 FERPA Guidelines.

45 Mins

Campaign Improvement

  • Campaign Documentation
  • Campaign Approval Process
  • Campaign Audits
General Discussion by All
  • Campaign Documentation
    • Revisit documentation process approved by PUGs in March 2018.
    • Reaffirmed Decision: Documentation for each campaign to be created before the campaign is set to active
  • Campaign Activation/Approval Process
    • Activation after Required Documentation created: Creation of a 2 step approval process?
      • Activation possible only after required documentation is created?
      • Decision: Not desired/possible to do at this time due to lack of resources.
    • Activation after workflow checksShould we adopt a more robust approach for approval to activate new campaigns? - Workflow for 2 employees to approve
      • Decision: Not desired/possible to do at this time due to lack of resources.
  • Campaign Audits
    • No Decision Reached: Check campaigns after running for "x" days?
      • Necessary - Is the campaign still needed?
      • Active - Is the campaign even doing any action?
      •  Accurate
        • Is the workflow still accurate?
        • Is the mailing list still accurate?
        • Is the mailer template still accurate?
    • Automatic audits with request for departmental review. 
      • Automatic deactivation if no departmental review returned after "x" days?
      • Decision: Nothing will be deactivated due to "no response."
  • There are people who are not PUGs but who have campaign creation and activation permissions.
    • Decision: A new mailing list for CRM campaign creators (all people with campaign creation permissions) will be created.
    • Campaign related information will be sent to this list as well as to the PUG list

Action items