FAQ - CampusNexus CRM (Talisma)

Thinking about adopting CampusNexus CRM?

Example Look and Feel of CampusNexus CRM

What is CampusNexus CRM (Constituent1 Relationship Management2)?

CampusNexus CRM is a constituent relationship management tool built specifically for higher education, with the goals to find, attract, and 'win' new students, while nurturing and retaining current students.

What is the difference between Talisma and CampusNexus CRM?

CampusNexus CRM and Talisma refer to the same software.  Talisma was the original name of the company years ago and sometimes the software is still referred to by that name.

Which departments is Talisma best suited for?

Currently, Talisma works best for managing campaigns related to current and prospective students.  Staff and Faculty will hopefully be accessible after future upgrades.

If your current constituents include donors, alumni, faculty, staff, vendors, or any other group related to the University, Talisma may be difficult to adapt to your needs. 

Is Talisma integrated with BANNER?

Talisma is updated nightly with data from BANNER and draws in many of the most commonly used fields.  Periodically, new fields are added to the nightly BANNER update scripts.  If there is a needed field that is not being imported, by request, it can be added to the nightly export/import run. 

The information within Talsima can be viewed, used to search, or used in email campaigns.

How can my department add value by using CampusNexus CRM?

  1. Interactions - Email, phone, in person and other types of interactions are recorded and able to be seen and shared among coworkers and across teams.
  2. Campaigns - Departments are able to create compelling, personalized, and targeted messages which boost the reach and impact of their communications strategy by providing visibility into students’ experiences and needs, enabling highly personalized communications and services, and driving success across the student life cycle.
  3. Chat - Online chat capabilities are available to departments using Talsima.  Chat is integrated and available, if turned on, via a pop up window in the users' workspace.
  4. SMS (Text) - Not yet available
  5. Phone Call Management - Not yet available

Which PSU departments are already using CampusNexus CRM?

Some of the departments already using CampusNexus CRM at PSU are:

    • Admissions (Domestic & International teams)
    • Advising & Career Services
    • Enrollment Management
    • Financial Aid
    • College of the Arts (UG advising)
    • Honors program (recruitment and advising)
    • University Studies
    • Student Financial Services
    • Registrar's Office
    • Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
    • Criminology and Criminal Justice Online

Will using CampusNexus CRM cost my department any money?

Switching to and using CampusNexus CRM will NOT cost your department any additional money.  OIT has purchased the software and its licence comprehensively for use by all departments at Portland State University.

What kind of support can we expect if we adopt CampusNexus CRM?

The OIT CRM team is here to help you.  We can do the initial creation of your workspaces and create your first one or two campaigns.  We offer staff training and, upon roll out, we transition the ownership of your workspaces and campaigns to your staff.  After roll out, we continue to be available to your department staff, as they gain experience using the software.

How long will it take to roll out CampusNexus CRM?

The time it takes to roll out CampusNexus CRM to a new department depends on the complexity of the original project scope, the availability of your staff and the number of other projects that the OIT CRM team are already working on.  Many departments on campus have busy periods and roll outs need to be executed during slow times. The CRM team will work with your department to meet your needs as much as possible.

How do we roll out CampusNexus CRM for our department, and who should I contact to start the ball rolling?

Please send email to oit-crm-admin-group@pdx.edu. We will schedule one or more discovery meetings to determine your needs.  At the discovery meetings we will assess how large your project will be, and set expectations on a workable timeline, from requirements gathering, through development, up to go-live and into post-go-live review.

1   Constituent may be defined as a prospect, applicant, student, alum, donor, employee, HS/CC counselor.

2   Management Activities include institution's processes for initiating, directing and tracking interactions with constituents.

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