FAQ - Thick Client

How do I install the CampusNexus CRM Thick Client?

The CampusNexus Thick Client is available for you to download in PSU Self Service software.  Be aware that the software vendor has recently changed its name and in Self Service Software, it is referred to as the Talisma 12.1 Client.

What is the difference between the thick client and the web client?

There are some tasks that can only be accomplished via the Thick Client, for example, creating and sharing workspaces and creating campaigns. 

Who has access to the thick client and who has access to the web client?

Access is granted by the OIT CRM team.  CRM Power Users will be given access to the thick client. Many CRM end users will only need Web Client access to perform their tasks.  The details for each team will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How do I request access to the thick client?

For CRM requests, please fill out and submit the IT Service Desk Form.

Campaign Creation via the Thick Client

Campaign Creation

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