Policy for Mass Communication

Policy for Mass Communication

Currently, there is no formal University wide policy for sending out mass communications.  Historically, there have been efforts to put a policy in place.  However, consensus has not been reached and at this time, and work on this effort have stalled.

Communications Workgroup Proposal on mass email communications has been drafted, but no further action has been taken.

Related PSU Policies

All PSU employees must act in accordance with the following policies:

  1. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  2. Acceptable Use Policy (pdf)

  3. Information Security Policy (pdf)

  4. Email Communication policy (pdf)

  5. Student Code of Conduct (student employees)

  6. For a more comprehensive list of University policies, visit the University Policy Library. (Yes, it exists!)

For additional guidance on information security practices at PSU, visit the OIT Security website.

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