FAQ - How Do I Log In?

Web Client 

  1. PRODhttps://web.crm.pdx.edu 
  2. STAGEhttps://web.stage.crm.pdx.edu/

Use your ODIN id and password to sign onto CampusNexus CRM.  OIT plans to implement CAS/Single Sign on.  Until then, please prefix your ODIN id as follows "PSU\<ODIN id>".

Desktop Client (should log you in automatically, when logged into the desktop machine)

PROD & STAGE: Download the Talisma Client 13.0 from PSU Self Service Software Center.  

  1. PROD: RemoteApp and Desktop Connectionhttps://apps.oit.pdx.edu/
  2. STAGE: RDS Instance (used during training): https://rdt.oit.pdx.edu (Instructions

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