Agenda - CRM PUG Meeting - 2017-08-1



Goals for this meeting

  • Initial CRM PUG revival meeting, meet and greet, see agenda

Discussion items

5 minPUG Meeting LocationCrystal
  • UTS Building?  Does that work for everyone?
  • Other, closer meeting room suggestions welcome
  • Future meetings: First Thursday, 11:00-11:50 am (UTS 503)
5 minNew, Renamed and Existing Mailing Lists Crystal
  • Used by OIT CRM Team and by other CRM Power Users to discuss issues and disseminate information of relevance to CRM Power Users
  • Missing anyone?
  • Used to be OIT-talisma-powerusers-group
  • DO NOT write to this list
  • USED by CRM Team for notification/communication purposes only
  • End users and non power user staff welcome as list members
  • Which staff members do Power Users want on this list?
  • CRM all users list
  • All users may write to this list with peer level questions
  • Bill Ryder currently owns this group
  • Do we need this group?
10 minJune 6-8 Power User Training feedbackCrystal/PUG Members
10 minInterests/Requests for future trainingCrystal/PUG Members
5 minTalisma Tuesdays Crystal

Drop in help, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, Third Tuesday of the month

    • 8/15  in NH 439

    • 9/19 in NH 439

    • 10/17 in NH 448

    • 11/21 in NH 448

    • 12/19 in NH 448

5 minNew CRM WebsiteCrystal
10 minOpen DiscussionCrystal/PUG Members

Goals/Topics for continuing meetings

Goals for continuing meetings

  • Knowledge transfer - sharing challenges/solutions from OIT and between depts
  • Information dissemination - upcoming software updates and planned outages
  • Invitations - Upcoming training invitations and conference opportunities

Action items