Agenda - CRM PUG Meeting - 2017-11-2




  • Knowledge transfer - sharing challenges/solutions from OIT and between depts
  • Information dissemination - upcoming software updates and planned outages
  • Invitations - Upcoming training invitations and conference opportunities

Discussion items

30 minsBanner2TalismaJeffUpdate from Jeff on the B2T project, which will pull additional BANNER fields into Talisma, as well as other new properties.
10 minsProduct UpdatesJeff

CampusManagement v12.0/v13.0 release notes and dates


v12.0 in DEV in Dec 2017
v12.0 in PROD in Jan or Feb 2018
v13.0 release Spring 2018 ??
Note: Timing of Upgrade of Talisma DEV is subject of Banner2Talisma Project
5 mins

Setting Contacts


"There are a lot of employees at PSU who are or have been students. If they email service accounts to discuss students, then that is saving those interactions to the employee's contact. How do other depts deal with this?"    

5 minsCategories Q&ACrystal/ROUpdates on how the new Categories solution is working. – Not Currently in Use Yet with RO

Continuing DiscussionAll

As time permits

-- Duplicate Matching and which records come into Talisma from Banner if Duplicate

Action items