Agenda - CRM PUG Meeting - 2018-3-1



  • Crystal Clearwater (EA-CRM)

  • Alex (FA)
  • Lucian (SFS)
  • Jeff (EA-CRM)
  • Greg (EA-CRM)
  • Chelsea (CCJ)
  • Robin (CCJ)
  • Jenny (RO)
  • Becki (ACS)


  • Knowledge transfer - sharing challenges/solutions from OIT and between depts
  • Information dissemination - upcoming software updates and planned outages
  • Invitations - Upcoming training invitations and conference opportunities

Discussion items

10 minsDynamic Campaign Documentation RequirementsCrystal

Proposed Question: Should campaigns be required to have a Campaign document filled out and on file via the Campaign Documentation URL on the Properties tab

Decision: It was decided that Departments which make their own campaigns will create a Campaign Documentation Artifact and it will be uploaded to a central repository in google docs.  The URL (shared) of the doc will then be placed in the "Campaign Documentation URL" on the Properties tab.


10 minsSubject Line IDJeff
  • Update on Status of Request
  • Rolled out for Admissions Tech Team
  • Open by Team.  Requests to roll out?
10 minsNEW Banner Note ImportsGregCSN Group Discussion
5 minsUndelivered EmailsJeff
  • Resolved! 
  • Issue: Emails undeliverable to @pdx accounts relating to the Limited Lifetime accounts
  • Resolution: Triggers between systems have been put in place/fixed to ensure emails aren't sent to inactive addresses
5 minsTalisma Downtime - Jan 30thJeff
  • Resolved! 
  • Issue: Downtime was caused by an issue at the hosting layer. Affected All Talisma Clients, and Web Applications
  • Resolution: Restore from back up.  One-time occurrence.
  • Prevention: Move App Server behind F5 (Network Load balancer), Better SCOM Notifications to OIT-EA Team, Redundant Talisma Servers 
5 minsBANTAL UpdateJeff
0 minsNext DEV RefreshJeffAfter BANTAL is complete
5 minsUpgrade UpdateJeff
  • When?  May/June/July, at which point v12.1 should be available
  • Some colleges and universities are seeing issues.  Therefore, we are waiting until after Campus Insight, and release v12.1. 
0 mins

Notification Mailing List Group:

Make sure all necessary parties are in the


New Accounts: All new accounts will be placed in the notify group during account creation.

Existing accounts: Self add or request to be added.

Action items