Agenda - CRM PUG Meeting - 2019-2-7




  • Knowledge transfer - sharing challenges/solutions from OIT and between depts
  • Information dissemination - upcoming software updates and planned outages
  • Invitations - Upcoming training invitations and conference opportunities

Discussion Items

5 MinsDecommission of Talisma Terminal ServerJeff
  • CRM Team will be decommissioning the Terminal Server.
    • Built mainly for those accessing via Macs
  • Date: March 7th
    • Soft decommissioning
      • remove all access, but leave server on
  • End users access will still be available via
    • Instructions on OIT Website and on CRM website
  • ACTION ITEM (Jeff): CRM Team will send separate email with list of users, letting them know the decommissioning date and alternative methods of access
10 Mins

CampusNexus CRM Talisma

(version 12.2 Released last week)

5 Mins

Web Client Slowness Update

  • We are moving the application to new servers.
  • Servers are already built, currently working on networking and installation.
  • No URL or any other changes noticeable to end users.
  • Web Client will be on its own server when project is finished.
  • Cut over will be done off hours
  • Will kick logged in users off

Timeline: Testing will be completed next week.

ACTION ITEM (Jeff): Email will be sent out when formal cut over date/time is planned.

10 MinsTraining 101Crystal

Training Opportunities

  • Who would like additional training for self and/or staff
  • What type of training would you like?
    • Ongoing (Entry Level)
      • 1-3 hours
      • beginning of every term?
      • new staff and new student workers
    • One-time (Continuing/Advanced)
      • One-on-one training for staff
      • Group training for Team

New Documentation (ACTION ITEM: Power Users' feedback requested)

In-meeting Training Feedback

  • Campaigns 101 would be best 1 on 1
  • Interactions 101 would be helpful quarterly or monthly
  • FA would not want training in the first 2 weeks
  • Bill suggested monthly, by sign up.
10 Mins

Atlassian Service Desk

  • New Ticketing System replacing RT (and the email
  • RT will be non-functional after March 5, 2019
  • Create ticket by calling the help desk (5-HELP) or sending email to (after March 5, 2019)

ACTION ITEM (CRM Team): Email will be sent out closer to Mar 5, with additional instructions/information.

Action items