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Welcome to the Office of Information Technology’s IT Accessibility Knowledge Base! There is a wealth of accessible digital design support online for specific environments like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, or our own Enterprise CMS. Our goal here in the IT Accessibility Knowledge Base is to provide an in-depth overview of the overarching accessibility concepts that you must consider in any digital environment in order to generate content and experiences that are accessible to people with disabilities.

Ultimately, you digital content will be most accessible if you design with the World Wide Consortium’s full WCAG 2 checklist at hand. WebAIM, or Web Accessibility in Mind, has created a simplified WCAG 2 checklist that may be easier to digest. But at the very least, you should begin with a simple checklist like the following:

  1. Color and Typography

    1. Color Use and Contrast

    2. Font Type and Size

    3. Use of Empty Space

  2. Structure and Navigation

    1. Heading Structure

    2. List Structure

    3. Table Structure

  3. Media and Non-HTML Content

    1. Alternative Text for Images

    2. Captions, Transcripts, and Audio Description for Videos

    3. Accessible Design for PDFs, PPTs, etc.

These design considerations are covered in our Digital Accessibility Basics Training Series and supported in more detail in our IT Accessibility Knowledge Base section on Accessibility Concepts and Document Accessibility.

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