Classroom AV Tips for Instructors

We offer the following tips to help instructors prepare for using in-classroom audio visual equipment. For additional guidance on using Zoom Classroom features, visit the Zoom Classroom Quick Start or Classroom Technology Guide and the more comprehensive Zoom Classroom Guide. To learn more about Classroom AV support, visit Audio Visual (AV) Services overview.

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What to Do When You First Enter The Classroom

  1. Turn on the projector.

  2. Select your source (PC, DOC CAM, BLU-RAY, HDMI, LAPTOP, VIDEO).

  3. Adjust the volume selection.

Tips for Using Different Sources

PC Source

  • It’s possible to turn up the volume on the PC. For audio content to play from YouTube, the volume must be turned up. 

  • The volume knob on the podium panel serves as the primary control for the volume levels of input sources.

Document Camera Source

  • Before using a document camera (doc cam) for the first time, take a moment to examine:

    • Where the power button is.

    • How to open it up (put the arm up).

    • How to turn on the light.

    • How to put it away (put the arm down).

Blu-Ray Source

  • When you select Blu-Ray as a source, you must use the attached (tethered) remote. 

  • It’s necessary to aim the remote at the Blu-Ray machine, not at the display or projected image.

  • The volume control for Blu-Ray is on the credenza. (Also make sure that you have the volume turned up on your device.)

Best Practices

Start Up 5 Minutes in Advance, or Expect a Small Prep Time

  • If possible, show up early at the start of term to get a sense of the room and how things work.

  • When you turn the projector on, the display button will flash at first. While the display button flashes, the display takes a moment to come fully into the ON state. During this time, you can’t select your source. Once the flashing is over and the projector is warmed up, then you can select another source such as the doc cam.

Don’t Walk Away From The Podium When Using Zoom Classroom 

  • There is a microphone mounted on the top of the podium. If you want to be heard, you need to be near the podium.

Choose a Whiteboard Alternative When Using Zoom Classroom

  • When you are using Zoom Classroom, your remote students will not be able to view or reference the whiteboard. We recommend that you use the document camera (doc cam) instead and write on a piece of paper. 

  • Another option you might choose is to use a tablet, and connect it to the HDMI input (with the right adapter). 

Ensure You Have The Right Accessories

You might consider obtaining your own accessories such as an adapter, remote presenter (which allows you to advance slides on your laptop), or lavalier microphone (if you have a very soft voice). 

  • If you plan to use your laptop, ensure you have the right adapters and remember to take home any adapter you bring with you.

  • Keep in mind, you’ll need to understand how to use whatever accessories you get.

Pick the Right Resolution

If you are using your own laptop, take some time to select a resolution that works not only for your laptop, but also for the projector and monitor on the podium. A particular resolution may work for some but not all. If you are using a newer Mac model with SmartDisplay checked, it will adjust the resolution for you.

What To Do Before You Leave The Classroom

  • When you’re done, please turn the projector off. If you’ve muted it, that’s not enough. Turning the projector off saves energy and extends the service life of the equipment, thus saving the university money.

  • If you choose to use the PC as a source, you will have to sign in with your credentials. Reminder: if you sign in to the PC, be sure to sign out for security, so other people can’t access your shared network files.