Upload Video or Media Item to PSU Media Space

Whether you are a student or a professor, you may need to upload a video or audio to a course. Media Space allows you to upload, create, and share video and audio media to Canvas. Below are instructions for how to upload media to a Canvas course.

Upload an Audio/Video File

  1. Select Login from the PSU User drop down menu in PSU Media Space.

  2. Log in using PSU’s Single Sign-On (SSO) page.

  3. Expand the + Add New drop down menu and select Media Upload.

  4. Check the box to agree to the PSU terms of service and copyright policy.

  5. Select Choose a file to upload.

  6. In the resulting window, select the file you want to upload.

  7. Once the upload completes, enter a Name for the video.

  8. Enter a brief Description as needed.

  9. Choose a Publishing Status. (If you want to share your video using a link, select Unlisted.)

  10. Select Save.

  11. Select Go To Media, and verify that your video plays. It may take time for the video to process before playing.