Trim or Clip a Video in PSU Media Space

There are times when a video you’ve created is longer than you need it to be and you’re wanting to reduce the amount of video you load. In PSU Media Space, you can trim or clip a video so that it is a shorter amount. Below are the instructions for how to trim or clip a video in PSU Media Space.


  1. Select Login from the PSU User drop down menu in PSU Media Space.

  2. Log in using PSU’s Single Sign-On (SSO) page.

  3. Expand the drop-down menu with Your Name, then select My Media.

  4. Navigate to the video you want to edit and select the pencil-shaped Edit [Video Name] button to the right of the video.

  5. Select the Launch Editor button.

  6. Use the slider bars or the Set In and Set Out buttons to start and stop your video at the desired times.

  7. Select Save a Copy to create a clip of your video. This creates a new, revised version of the video, separate from the original media file.

  8. Alternatively, select Save to trim your video. This will override the existing media file and replace the original full file with your trimmed file.