Operating Advances

Corresponding Policy: See ‘Accounts Payable-Intro’ policy. 
Corresponding Forms: Operating Advance, Personal Reimbursement, Miscellaneous Deposit Form, Payment Distribution Log
Process: Finding Out What the Process is to Obtain and Reconcile an Operating Advance

  1. Complete Operating Advance Form located out on the University Financials website.  This form should be completed 2 weeks prior to the date needed.  Use fillable form; NO written forms will be accepted. The Operating Advance Form is provided as both a PDF and a Word document.
  2. Submit completed form along with budget and supporting documentation to the UFS Director’s Office in suite 260 of the Market Center Building for approval.
  3. Once approved by the Director’s Office, a payment is processed. If you have direct deposit, then you will receive the operating advance through a bank transfer (ACH). ACH transactions are processed daily and take approximately 2-3 business days to be deposited to your bank account. If you are not set up with direct deposit, then you will be contacted to go to Campus Accounting Services (CAS) in The Market Center Building, Suite 260 to pick-up your check with a valid photo ID.  Checks are cut once a week on Wednesdays and are available after 4:00 pm. 
  4. Once the business purpose for the advance has been completed, submit a Personal Reimbursement Form along with documentation within 90 days of advance date to CAS**.  If business purpose is for group travel, please complete a Travel Reimbursement Form.   When submitting the reimbursement form, you need to reconcile the entire trip and total amount.  Subtract the operating advance from that total and if there is no difference, then there is no additional reimbursement back to claimant.  If the total of the trip is greater than the operating advance, then an additional refund will be generated.  Unused funds must be deposited by check or cash to the Cashier’s Office in Fariborz Maseeh Hall Lobby at the Departmental Services Window using a Miscellaneous Deposit Form.  Use OPA001 for the index and A3150 for the account code.
  5. If you should need any assistance, check the UFS website listed above for additional resources or by e-mail at campusaccounting@pdx.edu

**Please Note – If the operating advance is for incentive payments related to focus groups, University Research, etc. and is not being paid for by a grant, the following procedures are required; if being paid for by a Grant, please follow the ‘Research Subject Incentive Procedures’:

  • An Incentive Payment Distribution Log must be used to control and account for all gift cards distributed to participants.
  • The Incentive Payment Distribution Log should be kept together with the gift cards pending disbursement in a secured, locked boxed or some other appropriate location for storage.
    •  If the cumulative amount distributed to one participant is greater than $600 within a calendar year a W-9 must be obtained and sent to Campus Accounting Services.
  • At the beginning of each month a reconciliation of all gift cards using the Monthly Incentive Reconciliation Form for all payments made during the previous month. The reconciliation should verify the physical inventory against the Incentive Payment Distribution log to verify that all gift cards purchased are either still present or have proof of distribution.  Any discrepancies must be logged on the Incentive Payment Distribution Log and brought to the attention of UFS.  Upon reconciliation, the individual or designee should sign and date the Monthly Incentive Reconciliation Form. If no activity occurred during the month, this does not need to occur.
  • Individual will then complete a Personal Reimbursement form and attach original proof of receipt/distribution, the Incentive Payment Distribution Log and Monthly Incentive Reconciliation.
  • UFS will process the Personal Reimbursement form and will apply the amount reconciled against the advance.