P-Card Additional Text (FOATEXT)

Corresponding Policy: See ‘Procurement Card' policy.
Corresponding Forms
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Finding Out Which P-Card Expenses Require Additional Text

The commodity and/or document text must describe the item(s) being purchased, in order for one to verify that the account code chosen adequately describes the purchase. Special cases needing additional text are listed below:

20108   -   Subscriptions

  1. Name of the periodical
  2. Subscription period
  3. Business purpose

20201   -   Computers (Suggested text)

  1. Whether laptop or desktop
  2. Inventory information:
    1. Make
    2. Model
    3. Serial number
  3. Location – building name and room number
  4. Date received – mm/dd/yy
  5. Custodian + contact ##
  6. Department contact name and extension #

22502   -   Postage
Must indicate the PSU Business Purpose of the postage purchase

28601   -   Conference Registration

  1. Full name of the conference and/or organization
  2. Conference location
  3. Conference date(s)
  4. Name(s) of the registrants

28611, 28612, 28613 – Hosting

  1. Who – attendees
  2. What – event, meeting, etc.
  3. When – date
  4. Where - location
  5. Why – justification statement (benefit to PSU)

28901   -   Memberships

  1. Full name of the organization (not just an acronym)
  2. Membership period
  3. Membership type (institutional or individual)
  4. If an individual membership, name(s) of the individual(s), and a short justification statement (why individual rather than institutional/benefit to PSU). Individual memberships, must be the memberships guidelines. 

29xxx   -   Various Training account codes

  1. Name of the entity providing the training
  2. Training Location and Training Date(s)
  3. Name(s) of the registrant(s)

IRS 1099-reportable services:  P-card invoice must be tied to the vendor; add description of service rendered.  [Multiple account codes; see the list of Frequently Used Account Codes; 1099 reportable codes are marked with an *].  Repair/maintenance services must indicate which PSU asset was serviced/maintained.

Travel Expenses:  Should only be incurred on official group travel cards.  Text should indicate who the group is, description of the travel event (including location), and the travel dates

Fuel Expenses:  Text should indicate the number of gallons, type of gas (i.e.: regular, diesel, or alternative fuel) and business purpose in the commodity description. i.e.: 5 Gal Regular-Research Field Trip. Text should also include the travel period and location of travel.

Prepaid Travel, Conference Registration, Subscriptions, Dues/Memberships expenses
Prepaid expenses can include travel, conference registrations, subscriptions, dues/memberships etc. that are paid prior to 30-JUN-xxxx of any fiscal year but that actually start the next fiscal year. In order to record the expense as a prepaid expense, the program code must be overwritten*.  Use the list of regular program codes and their corresponding prepaid program codes to determine the applicable prepaid program code:

Do not overwrite the program code on the following:

  • Foundation index codes (FOUxxx)
  • Restricted funds (fund numbers starting with 2xxxxx, 3xxxxx, 4xxxxx)
  • Research Grants/Contract handled by the Research Accounting Office.

Regular Program Code Starts With:Use Program Code:
5xxxx 99660

Any pre-approval by the UFS Procurement Card Program Administrator for purchases not normally allowed on the procurement card must be noted in Document Text.  All purchases of items not normally allowed must be thoroughly documented.

Never use the Procurement Card to purchase from Portland State University.