Corresponding Policy: See ‘Non-Travel Meals, Refreshments & Hospitality Expenses’ policy.
Corresponding Forms: Personal Reimbursement Form, Viking Pro
Process: Discovering the Guidelines for Hosting and How to Get Reimbursed

Effective February, 2015 allowable hosting expenses can be purchased using the P-Card.

Hosting Guidelines

The University or an employee, in the normal conduct of a program/activity, may serve as host for official guests of the institution by paying for their meals, refreshments, or other hosting expenses when a clear benefit to the University is documented and approval processes are followed.  Meals may be paid initially by the employee and reimbursed upon submission of an itemized receipt or by use of a Departmental Procurement Card, when said employee is a qualified user.   Transportation can still be reimbursed; however, only through the Viking Travel Module if the requestor has an ODIN ID or using the non-PSU Travel Reimbursement form.  Additional expenses that may be incurred are those associated with space rental as part of the event; these expenses are not included in the hosting rates outlined below.  See the following links to the PSU policies.

Official guests may include:

  • Recruitment candidates
  • Visiting scientists, dignitaries
  • Guest speakers

The Approved Hosting Rates Are:

  • Hosting official guests or hosted events occurring in state and out of state will be held to a reasonable standard rate of high city travel per diem rates. Rates are per person and include gratuity of between 15% - 20%
    • Should meal expenses significantly exceed the above reasonable rates, documentation either on the Reimbursement request or in FOATEXT, depending on payment type method, will be required explaining the reason for the excess.  
    • In addition to the FOATEXT explanation for PCard Hosting Purchase, an email from the Senior Fiscal Officer will be the documentation needed to be kept with the Pcard log proving authorization of the increase from reasonable standards.   
  • Hosting occurring in countries outside of the United States will follow the meal per diem rates set by the federal government and would follow current split of travel per diem rates at 25% breakfast, 25% lunch and 50% dinner. 

The Following Documentation is Required for Hosting:

  • Where – Location of event
  • What – What is being paid
  • When – Date of event
  • Why - Official business purpose/benefit to PSU
  • Who - Names of individuals attending.  When hosting a large group (i.e. reception or event) please attach the announcement and agenda for the gathering (names not required)


  • If PCard is used, all information is required to be enter in FOATEXT
  • Original itemized receipts are needed 
  • Alcoholic beverages and any tips or fees associated with alcohol purchases are not allowable hosting expenses and cannot be paid for using university funds.
  • Regularly scheduled departmental meetings are not an allowable expense

If hosting expenses are reimbursed to an employee of the University, Viking PRO must be used.

When in doubt PLEASE email Accounts Payable at or P-Card at

Below, please find a listing of hosting account codes:

Non travel-related eventsMealsRefreshmentsHousingRent External FacilitiesEvents
University training events (>2 hours)
University business meetings (>2 hrs & with agenda)
Departmental Staff Retreats (away from work location)28611286113941524151
Employee working meal (on site, with clear business purpose)28611

One day trips - employee meals (business at the meal)28611

Hosting visiting scientists, scholars, guest speakers, & recruiting286122861239445

Advisory board meeting costs28612286123944524151
Focus group session costs

Appreciation event for students and volunteers
Hosting of dignitaries or donors2861328613
Prospective student recruitment costs286132861328613

Student group meetings

University-sponsored conferences or workshops2860328604286022860628605
Athletic Training Table Meals20300