Vendor and ACH Setup

Corresponding Policy: See ‘Accounts Payable’ policy.
Corresponding Forms: PSU Substitute W9/ACH (Direct Deposit) Form, Foreign Vendor Setup W-8 Form, W9/W8 Sheet
Process: Finding out the Process for Getting New Vendors Setup

PSU has partnered with PaymentWorks for our online vendor setup and maintenance platform, PaymentWorks@PSU. Please see the PaymentWorks section for instructions on how to invite vendors to PaymentWorks. The only exception to using PaymentWorks@PSU are our PSU students and PSU employees. For International students receiving stipends or awards, a W8 must be uploaded to our W8/W9 portalFor US students receiving stipends or awards or for PSU employees seeking reimbursements please update your banking information and address (if needed)  via banweb.

The University is required to report to the State of Oregon our annual expenditures with minority, women owned, and emerging small businesses (MWESB).

It is of utmost concern to comply with the Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act, that an individual’s personal information is safeguarded including Social Security numbers and banking information. External vendors using PaymentWorks@PSU and PSU students and employees using our secure W8/W9 portal ensure personal information is safeguarded. No personal or banking information should ever be emailed.