404.4 P-Card Miscellaneous

BANK CHARGES: All bank charges, including interest and late charges, are absorbed by campus accounts.

DISPUTED ITEMS: Disputes regarding charges, products or services must be resolved with the merchant or bank as appropriate. Any refund or adjustment obtained from the vendor is credited to the department procurement card.

LOST OR STOLEN CARDS: If the card is lost or stolen, the Card User or Custodian, depending on who had custody of the card at the time of the loss, shall report the loss immediately to the bank and to the Card Custodian, Program Administrator and Budget Authority.

PROCUREMENT CARD ABUSE: A misused procurement card may be cancelled and returned to the bank. Department management, in consultation with Human Resources if appropriate, is responsible for taking appropriate disciplinary action consistent with applicable personnel policies.

For more information pertaining to the p-card program, please see the procedures manual.