406 Moving Expenses


REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES: It is PSU policy to allow employees to be reimbursed for moving expenses, house-hunting expenses, and temporary living expenses arising from a new appointment or transfer. This policy meets the requirements of an IRS-accountable plan. Limits for each type of expense are determined on a case-by-case basis as part of the employment negotiation process. Negotiated limits may not exceed the maximum amounts shown and are subject to budget availability and campus policy.

REIMBURSEMENT DUE DATE: An employee must submit a request for reimbursement of relocation expenses within six months of the appointment date. The employee must submit a written request to extend this period up to an additional six months. Authorized campus personnel may grant the extension.

ADVANCE REIMBURSEMENT: An employee may be reimbursed in advance for expenses as determined by authorized campus personnel. Any excess payments advanced must be returned within 60 days.

MOVE CANCELLATION: If an approved move is later canceled, the employee may request reimbursement for relocation expenses incurred before cancellation.

For more information on moving expense reimbursement, please see the procedures manual.