Depositing Funds

Corresponding Policy: See ‘Non-Student Income Coming into Departments’ policy.
Corresponding Forms: Miscellaneous Deposit Form
Process: Depositing funds to Cashiers

To deposit funds to Cashiers, complete the Miscellaneous Deposit form by following the below instructions:

  1. The form is three-part. Complete the form electronically. Type information on the first form and it is duplicated on the second and third form. Handwritten forms cannot be accepted.
  2. Deposit Description: This is what will be displayed in Banner as the description. The maximum number of characters is 30. Please do not use periods or commas.
  3. PSU ID/Acct#: This is used for payment to be 1) applied against an individual’s PSU account, 2) applied to a department’s PSU account, a C90 account number, or 3) miscellaneous comments.
  4. Cash/Outd/Checks/Cards: Enter the type of funds being deposited. The total will calculate automatically.
  5. Visa/Mastercard # and Exp Date: PSU does not accept student payments by credit card except on-line with a convenience fee. Most PSU departments do not accept credit cards. This information section remains on the form for the rare occasion that a department accepts a credit card. Call Cashiers Office at 5-3670 for instructions and limitations on card payments. 
  6. Preparer’s First and Last Name, Extension, Email, and Dept/Mail Code are required so that if we need to contact you, we can reach you.
  7. Date: Please complete date.
  8. PSU uses several methods to gather accounting information. Please choose one method as appropriate to your department:
    • Detail code only
    • Index and Account only
    • Fund/Orgn/Account/Prog
  9. Amount: Enter accounting distribution amount. Total Deposit Assigned accounting distribution will calculate Total Deposit.
  10. Must equal 0- Total of funds being deposited and Total Deposit (accounting distributions) must balance to each other. This is the automatic checking feature to ensure these figures agree.
  11. For more than three accounting distributions, please enter “see attached” in the detail code field and enter the total of the deposit in the amount field. Attach a spreadsheet of the accounting distribution.

Attach documentation. Make copies of checks and documentation prior to coming to the Cashiers window. Cashiers does not offer copying services. Please hand-deliver all deposits to the NH Lobby - Departmental Cashiers window during regular hours. Do not use inter-campus mail.

The process for depositing funds with credit to expenditure account codes requires additional SFS Director’s office approvals; additional reports are also run to review these transactions. The extra review of these documents is due to them having opposite of normal expenditure transactions; this is a red flag for auditing. All expenditure account codes begin with accounts 1xxxx through 9xxxx.

Filling out the Miscellaneous Deposit Form:

  • Complete Miscellaneous Deposit Form as usual.
  • Must reference the original Banner document number.
  • Must go back to the original index and account code.
  • Description format example: Reimb I0527780 Fed Ex refund
  • Must attach explaining documentation, for example, memo, letter, credit memo, email, etc.

Making the Physical Deposit:

  • Make deposit as usual at the NH Lobby Departmental Services window.
  • Do not deliver deposits directly to the Student Financial Services Directors office.
  • You will receive a temporary receipt at the Departmental Services window.
  • SFS has special back office procedures to obtain approvals.
  • If there are any questions about the deposit, you will receive an email.
  • Once the deposit has been approved and posted to Banner you will be notified by email.