CRM Naming Conventions - Objects

COF Objects

With the exception of "Created By" use the following for Property Names and Logical Identifiers:

  • Property Names for Date/Times use verbs or verb-prepositions.
  • All other Property Names use nouns.
  • Avoid SQL keywords and reserved words.
  • Display names for Date/Times end in "On" for typically immutable properties such as "Created On". "At" or "In" could work also, but just use "On" for simplicity.
  • Mutable Date/Time properties end in "Updated" eg "Last Updated".
  • Logical Identifiers match the Property Name with camel case.
  • Keep Logical Identifiers implementation agnostic.
  • Logical Identifiers for one-to-one relationships end in "Fk".
  • All other relationships p/fkeys end in "Id".

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